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 OUR APPROACH - How we are different. We work with the client to develop practical solutions that improve performance quickly

Lean Thinking

Key to our mission is “Lean Thinking.” This philosophy is focused on reducing waste by eliminating non-value added steps in every business process. We look at every organization as an investment with valuable resources (human and cash capital), that is  engaged in activities and processes designed to achieve desired results. Our job is to work with the organization to stream line these processes and improve results by eliminating waste and non-value added steps. Further, we help in developing feedback information systems that then track performance. Above all, we work with the existing team to build systems and processes that help our clients get back on the right track - whenever and wherever there are company wide processes variations. FOUNEX energizes the company around a desire to win.

Custom Approach

We do not come with canned solutions. We work with your team to understand and quantify the gap between actual vs desired, and then help them raise the bar to world-class levels. We actively help the team to develop tools and practices to bring the change, then work closely with them through the improvement and control phase - all so that the change is durable and survives changes in personnel; it lasts!

Team Driven

Our approach is not project oriented, but continuous process improvement. The most important difference in our approach, when compared to other consulting firms, is that we do not bring a group of people (master black belts, black belts etc…) to help you improve your performance. We help you to create a sub group among your own team. This is a key differentiator which will not only help facilitate the changes, but also ensure that the changes become a part of your organization. In this way, the improvements we collectively create will not only be sustained, but continually improve. With this approach, continuous improvement becomes part of your company DNA, and the organization does not have to continually look for consultants whenever there are variations in the results (less than desired). FOUNEX works closely with client management teams to create actionable plans that are founded on the participation of both the team members and ownership/stakeholders. FOUNEX monitors the processes over time to ensure that the client’s processes are compared to the state of the art. Change is owned by the managers and actually lasts!

Maximizing Returns

We believe that in order to maximize return to shareholders, the company must excite its customers -in every element of the of the valuation proposition – cost, quality, and response time (both in product delivery and in customer service). Our approach will help you create, implement and continually improve the most important processes. The overriding goal is the  “most efficient Customer Contact to Cash Collection”. As a result, our focus is not limited to helping you improve your production (or services) processes. Processes take place in every part of your organization – administration, sales, HR, finance, procurement and so on. Our aim is to reduce risk and increase returns by moving quickly to eliminate waste and maximize results.

Personal Involvment

The founders are involved in each assignment.










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